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Friday, August 06, 2004

John Kerry, Frozen with Fear.

If John Kerry chides George W. Bush for sitting for seven minutes after the attack, I just can't wait to see what he would say about a Senator who sat for 40 minutes after the attack and did nothing.

And who was that Senator......

Well, in his interview on Larry King (transcript here.) Senator John Kerry describes what he did on the morning of September 11th.

Kerry: "...And as I came in , Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon..."

The time between the second plane hitting the tower and the plane hitting the pentagon was 40 minutes. Sitting down and not thinking or acting or doing anything for forty minutes! Wow! Without even a good book like My Pet Goat to read! That is paralyzation.

Of course Kerry says he would have done something now..
"Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whispered in my ear, 'America is under attack,' I would have told those kids very politely and nicely that the president of the United States had something that he needed to attend to -- and I would have attended to it," Kerry told the Unity conference of minority journalists in response to a question about what he would done"

I believe him. Well not exactly.

I believe the thirty years ago version of Kerry who seemed to be a pretty decisive guy. Going to war, charging the enemy, coming home, throwing his medals over the fence, speaking truth to Congress. The one the Democratice conventioneers seemed to like. Yeah. I would vote for the 1969 era Kerry too. To bad he isn't running.

Because we are stuck with the 2001 version of the guy who just sits down for forty minutes not thinking in the Capitol Building and does nothing. For 40 minutes. Nothing. Frozen. Not even thinking. Does not get his staff out of the Capitol. Or himself. Nobody. He perhaps called his wife. Perhaps.

Now, in Kerry's defense he has no real political executive experience so maybe he just did not know what to do in that type of situation. How to react. What steps to take when terrorism strikes at home.

But why, after seeing those two planes did he not leave? Especialy since he claims to have known it was terrorism.

KERRY: I knew instantaneously with the first. I'm a pilot, and I looked at the weather, and it's what we call in pilot lingo CAVU, ceiling and visibility unlimited. And I knew that that plane did not fly into that building accidentally, as people were speculating. It just doesn't happen, could not, under those circumstances. So I knew it was deliberate, whether it was suicide, whether it was something -- I couldn't tell. When the second plane hit, it was obvious to the world.

So he knew the country was under attack from terrorists. But he did not even think that there might be other targets. Especially not the Capitol. He did not react. He did not even think to leave the Capitol building.
Granted, he did not have the power to order up the National Guard, or call in air strikes, but come on man, 40 minutes?! And he did nothing?! He is a United States Senator. Get your staff out of the building man!

It is a good thing that the White House was at least somewhat on the game as opposed to the Senator though:

"KERRY con't.: .... And then word came from the White House, they were evacuating, and we were to evacuate, and so we immediately began the evacuation."

Once again showing that when the White House lead, Kerry followed. The White house could have saved Kerry's life that day if the plane in Pennsylvania hadn't been brought down. Kerry would have been frozen in place in the Capitol. And maybe he would have been a victim of his own inability to act in a crisis situation. Unsure of what to do, he did nothing.

For forty minutes.


Talk about a deal breaker.


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