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Friday, August 06, 2004

OTM's on the rise across Mexican border...: "The report last week from the small Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper is jarring. A "flood of middle-eastern males" has been caught entering the country illegally east of Douglas, Arizona, according to the paper, and this recent 'flood' is actually part of an increasing trend of 'OTMs' ('other than Mexicans') entering the country illegally somewhere east of the Chiricahua Mountains."

That is a scary story. But even more alarming is this one:

"Furthermore, Simcox points out, “Of those 5,510 [foreign nationals apprehended] Adame admits they have caught 5 men from Middle Eastern countries,” proving that people from the Middle East “are getting into Mexico and are coming across our border.” Putting this number into context, “So far, this year Border Patrol has caught over 400,000 people in Arizona; 8,300 were previously convicted felons and spent time in our prisons before being deported--they returned for another go round.” He adds, “Based on the ratio of apprehensions to those who get through, it does not look good.”"

Border Patrol has arrested 400,000 people so far this year? That is around 2000 per day in Arizona alone. That is shocking.

2000 people per day being arrested in Arizona alone.

Even assuming a 90% catch rate (which I think might be ludicrous) that would mena that 200 people are successfully entering this country illegally through Arizona every day.

Lets say the catch rate is even a more reasonable 50%. That would mean 2000 succesful illegal border crossing per day.

If that is the case we don't really even have a border with Mexico. Calling it a sieve might even be too generous as even sieve's stop alot of material.


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