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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Now both Korea's have nukes...

North Korea now claims it has nukes.

It also claims it has a leader who shoots a 34 under par, but that may be beside the point, at least until global tensions are resolved by golf matches.

Now, I know that there are nuclear weapons on the OSuth Korean peninsula. It may not get alot of press, and it may be denied by all of those invovled but they are there.

The problem,of course, is that South Korea is not a target of of North Korea, (Japan is the target), and North Korea would not be deterred by the presence of nukes on the penninsula. What's another million dead North Koreans to a regime that has presided over mass genocide?

So the South Korean nukes are about as relevant as Kim Jong Il's golf score.

But now that we may be in a new age of nuclear detente the question arises as to what to do about it.

I say we ask the French and Germans for their help! The Kerry plan!


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