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Monday, October 04, 2004

4 days in...New D.C. Baseball team is anti-gay.

That is not a joke headline. It has only taken 4 days before the first special interest group has declared that the Washington D.C. Baseball team disporportionately affects them and therefore is racist/bigoted/anti something.

First up to the plate: The Homosexual Lobby.

As it turns out, the new Ballpark, which is slated to open in three years, is to be constructed in a generally awful neighborhood in South East near the Anacostia River near M and South Capitol streets SE. "The $435.2 million stadium would replace about 60 properties in what is now largely a warehouse district in Southeast, including homosexual strip bars, dance clubs, adult theaters and bookstores lining O and Half streets. "

Clearly this is a death-strike at the hearts of gay activists.

"The most gay commercial strip in D.C. is going to be wiped out, and [Mr. Williams] doesn't say anything about that," said Mr. Siegel, who is an Advisory Neighborhood Commission member for the area. "It's like a fly swatter coming down and — boom — we are gone." "

Now as someone who has been to the Dupont Circle area, I would contest that statement. Of course I have never been to the Anacostia area because I do not want to get shot.

By the way, here is one of the proposed store closures:
" Lenny Davis, manager of Glorious Health & Amusement, an X-rated homosexual movie house and video store, said many of the store's patrons are ready to lobby the council or even demonstrate to defend the Southeast's homosexual entertainment zone. "

Now if you were to rewrite that sentence but remove 'homosexual' most residents would be fairly happy about the decision to replace a porn shop with a ballfield. That sounds nice to me. But noooooooooo...

Ok, so we have one activist group down. Next up I believe will be the African American community, lead by Marion Barry, then the Sierra Club, then NOW, and probably NARAL and MoveOn.Org for some reason.

By the end of this process the team will have to be named the Washington Indigenously Special Alternatively Lifestyled Pro-Choice Snail Darters.


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