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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Baseball playoff!!!

(By the way, every game the Red Sox play is an extra few hundred votes for John Kerry, so keep that in mind.)

Red Sox over Angels. 3-1

I despise both of these teams almost equally. Of course Angel fans are Mother Theresa'a compared to the excremental group of losers that root for the Red Sox. That being said, I like the Pedro/Schilling twosome despite their bullpen woes..

Yankees over Twins, 3-2

Did I mention Red Sox fans are losers...well they are several layers of hell above Yankee fans. I wish Minnesota would win...but they will not.

Cardinals over Dodgers, 3-0

I still do not understand how the Dodgers have won a single game this year. Jeff Weaver? Please.

Astros over Braves, 3-0

J.D. drew deserves nothing...NOTHING!

Red Sox over Yankees 4-1

Is there any real winner here?

Asros over Cardinals 4-3

No pitching. But the Cardinals will be back...

And for the finale:

Astros over Red Sox 4-3

With Clemens pitching a gem of a game seven to drive the final stake into the hearts over Red Sox nation.


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