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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Best ad of the year...

(By the way I think the Moveon ad that shows the kids doing work to pay off the deficit is equally as good but I cannot find the link..will update.)

After watching the ad I feel much better about the President's chances in Ohio. I only wish they had 10 million dollars to show it in New Jersey.


1. Does the fact that this is not an RNC or a DNC ad indicate a significant shift in the running of an election? Will this shift become more noticeable in future elections?

2. Is it possible that there was RNC involvement in this ad considering that it plays to so many Bush needs (Ohio, cares about regular people, war on terror...)?

3. Will it have an effect on this election season?

4. Because it is a positive ad, that does not even mention Kerry, does that limit its impact so close to an election?


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