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Monday, October 25, 2004

Crazy Year...

I have no idea who will win these states on election day:

Florida (27 EV's)
Pennsylvania (21 EV's)
Ohio (20 EV's)
Michigan (17 EVs)
Minnesota (10 EV's)
Wisconsin (10 EV's)
Colorado (9 EV's)
Iowa (7 EV's)
Arkansas (6 EV's)
New MExico (5 EV's)
Nevada (5 EV's)
New Hampshire (4 EV's)
Hawaii (4 EV's)
Maine Dist #2 (2 EV's)

That is 147 EV's up for grabs. I have no idea how the campaigns are coordinating thier resources at this point but it will take a nice bit of strategery to make sure they get it right.

So far I have seen NOTHING from Terry McCauliffe indicating he has any clue how to run a campaign so perhaps the uncertainty of the race plays into the Republican hands.


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