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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I know JMM has gone over this but is looting even possible?

I know JMM has gone over this but is looting even possible?
It is reported that there was 380 tons of explosives, which is 760,000 lbs of explosives.

For the administration to be at fault for failure to monitor the site post invasion the explosives would have had to be there on April 4rth and disappeared sometme after. Surely something was there. We have a report that there were thousands of small boxes (2 inch by 4.5 inches)with 3 vials of white powder in them. For that type of packing to be 380 tons you would need millions of those type of boxes. But that is beside the point.

Lets assume it was all there in April. By the end of May it was all gone according to Weapons Inspector Micheal Kay.

Considering that this place was revisted on April 10th, it is highly unlikely that anything was taken in between April 4th and April 10th. The stories indicate there were road blocks all over the place around the site.

Not to mention this place fairly close to Baghdad. So those roadblocks likely continued to exist for the next few months.

So how would one go about moving all of this stuff. Especially if you could not use the roads.

If it was in those small boxes, which could'nt weigh more than a half pound each, (compare to a pound of coffee which has a larger container and is not seperately packed in vials) but lets say they each weigh a pound, that means that 760,000 boxes would have to be removed in a matter of days.

Even at 10,000 lbs, or 10,000 boxes, a day that would take 76 days.

How does that even happen with a major moving operation?

If it was looted aren't you talking about small groups of people in small numbers.

But by May it was all gone...Kay said it was likely moved post war, but I still do not see how....especially considering the short time frame.

I am still curious as to what was meant by "thousands of boxes" in the April 4rth report and also what was meant when the Iraqi's indicated they had moved the stuff before the war, and also exactly what was checked by the IAEA on March 8th, but still, this appears to be

We did bomb this place during the war BTW, 2 of the ten bunkers where the stuf was stored were blown to bits during the war, so maybe there is less of this stuff out there than we think, if it was still there.

If as it turns out, Saddam moved this stuff just prior to or during the war, then that is not a problem with lack of troops or rush to war, but instead it means that we did not go to war quickly enough.


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