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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I voted!

But at least it is all over.

Now I can watch the decrepit mass of last minute electioneering wash over me like so much raw sewage.

I don't care anymore, my election season is over.

Say what you will you political hacks.

It's up to the lawyers now, anyway.

I actually voted "absentee - in person", which makes no sense to me. It is possible I just voted for Bush before I voted agianst him.

In D.C. they now have the option of using electronic voting machines using a little palstic card or paper. If given that option, take paper over plastic. The machine does not easily allow for write in votes (sorry Calinka!), and it takes longer than the paper votes. Plus at the end of the process all you get is a little pop-up window that says you voted, and may also be eligble for a penis enlargement trial drug.


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