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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Jim Clymer challenging Arlen Specter's lead in PA

Constitution Party national chairman Jim Clymer is running for Senate in Pennsylvania and is having some success at sapping votes from Arlen Specter.

According to PennLive.com: "among likely voters, Specter, the four-term Republican senator, had 44 percent of the vote. Hoeffel, a Democratic congressman from suburban Philadelphia, had 35 percent. Constitution Party nominee Jim Clymer, a Lancaster County attorney, was at 7 percent. Libertarian nominee Betsy Summers of Wilkes-Barre was not included in the poll.

Among registered voters, Specter led Hoeffel by 46 percent to 32 percent and 6 percent for Clymer.

In September, Specter led 51-25 over Hoeffel with Clymer scoring 5 percent. "

It will be interesting to see the Clymer effect on the election in PA. Strangely enough it is both good news and bad news for the President. People will go to the polls specifically to vote for Clymer, and the vast majority of those people will also vote for the President.

However, if even people show up to vote for Clymer, then Specter could lose his seat, which would be a very bad thing....

I think I may have to update my Senate predictions, because I think that there is no way a Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania would get under 40% of the vote unless his name was Alan Keyes.


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