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Monday, October 04, 2004

Lincoln Chafee, the Farrier Warrior..

There are a lot of nuggets of idiocy in this Times piece on the brilliance of Lincol Chafee, who the Times considers the greatest Republican Senator because he will not vote for Bush this year, but this one takes the cake:

"On Capitol Hill, some regard Mr. Chafee, a soft-spoken, gentle man who once shoed horses for a living, as the Republican counterpart to Senator Zell Miller, the fiery Georgia Democrat who is campaigning for Mr. Bush."

Shoed horses for living? I would contend that a more accurate quote would be, a gad-about-town son of a wealthy and powerful Governor who, without real direction or purpose in his life, chose to spend his time shoeing horse.

Or maybe I am wrong, maybe he eschewed all of his wealth and influence and lived like those who really only shoe horses for a living..in the 18th century, when that was last possible.

Shoed horses for a living? There is more:

" "In order to shoe six, seven, eight horses a day, you've got to have a lot of grit," Mr. Chafee said. "It's hard work. They're not all going to stand there perfectly." And besides, he added, "to get along with horses, you've got to be flexible.""

Oh this is really a sob story. Maybe the writers at the New York Times are in shock whenever they meet anyone who actually does something for a living.

Once again this is not to chide Mr. Chafee, but the New York Times. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement from Judd Gregg:

"[Chafee] said, 'I'm a pro-choice, antiwar, antideficit Republican,' " he recalled. "And Judd Gregg said, 'The key word there is: Republican.' ''

And while he is getting some bad advice from Jim Jeffords, even if Senator Chafee would switch parties, he strikes me as the type who would do so before an election and then run as a Democrat.


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