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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Questions on the Explosives...

And I have been reading all these stories..

On the munitions:

What exactly is HMX and RDX?

How are they different?

Why would one need both?

How is it transformed into C-4? Or other explosives?

Has any been found since the invasion?

How many explosives caches and munitions caches have been found since the invasion, and have any of these included HMX RDX or explosives made from those materials?

Has any C-4 been identified as being used in IED's or other attacks since the invasion?

How much of each material indivdually was at the site?

What other materials were at the site?

Were any of those materials found after the invasion?

Can HMX and RDX be found anywhere else in Iraq or the middle east?

How does this missing amount of HMX and RDX compare to all missing Iraqi munitions?

What other weapons were there which we thought the Iraq's had on March 1rst, but were missing on May 1rst?

On the IAEA:

What is an IAEA seal?

How is it checked?

How were these materials sealed?

What did the IAEA check when they visited in January 2003?

What did they check in February?

Did they really get news that the materials were moved by Sadam in February of 2003?

Did the IAEA return on MArch 8th of 2003, and if so, what did they check?

Why were these items just sealed and not destroyed?

On the U.S.:

Why didn't we bomb this area to hell during the war?

How deep were those bunkers?

What happens if you bomb a chemical weapons storage area relatively close to a population center?

Did the U.S. choose not to bomb this location because it could have held WMD's which would have justified the invasion and therefore the administration thought it would be better POLITICALLY to save this site as opposed to blowing it to hell?

Was this a priority site to find and guard before the war started?

How were the priority sites determined if this was nto a priority site?

Was the priority site list to guard determined based on troop strength?

When did the first troops get there?

What did they find?

Did they guard it?

Were roadblocks stationed around the site?

Did they remove any munitions?

Why did they leave?

Did everyone leave?

Did they just check for WMD's and then leave when they found none? Were those their orders?

Who was the next group to get there?

What did they find?

When did David Kay get there?

Was anyone guarding it then?

What was there when he got there?

On the media:

If David Kay publicly reported that this stuff was gone in May of 2003 then why is it news today?

Just asking...


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