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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

SUlly asks for the impossible..

Sullivan is asking for examples of a Bush mention of a Kerry child that would be similar to the Kerry mention of Mary Cheney except that he would agree that it was innappropriate. There are so many unknown indices of his request that I think it impossible, and when Jonah Goldberg suggested that Bush could raise Kerry's divorce, a topic I find similar, Sully poo poo's it.

Well here are two more examples:

q: President Bush what is your position on embryonic stem cell research?

a: Well, i think that we may never know when and how life begins. but we do know that an important step in the creation of life is the embryonic stage. I think we should protect that life. For example, John Kerry's daughters were both embryo's at one point. i don't think we should destroy embryo's. John Kerry does.

There is nothing wrong with being an embryo. Heck everyone (except maybe Carlos Beltran who is approaching meesianic levels at this point) was an embryo, but Bush would have been using Kerry's children's status for political gain. Not nice.

Or this one:

q: President Bush, what role does religion play in your life and our nation's welfare?

a: Religion plays a very strong position in my mife. Our country was founded on Christian ideals and we have long welcomed people of many religions to our country and also those who do not believe in a personal God. For example, John Heinz IV, who was raised a Christian, is now a Zen Buddhist, and I am sure that Senator Kerry would tell you that he is just a fantastic kid.

Once again, nothing wrong with being a Zen Buddhist. But still why would anyone bring it up during a Presidential debate is beyond me.

Ok here's another one:

q: President Bush, do you think that the Hollywood film and television industry has a positive or negative influence on our lives?

a: I think that role Hollywood does play an important educational and influential role in our country, but at times the sex and violence put on screen does have a deleterious influence. It's important never to get into bed with Hollywood for this exact reason. Now Senator Kerry has gotten into bed with Morgan Fairchild, Dana Delaney and his son in law shagged that one chick who that oscar in the one movie and who has a kid named after a fruit...what was her name...."

Ok the last one is sort of ridiculous, but I think Goldberg's point is a good one. There is rarely, if ever, a reason to bring up the personal life of the children of your political opponent in a nationally televised debate for political purpose. Kerry did so, and that was wrong. Sullivan is just glad he did so because he feels it exposes the hypocrisy of the right on the issue of gay marriage. Well so be it. But if the only way a person can prove their point is by dragging an opponent's child into the fray, then maybe their point isn't so great to begin with.


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