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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Timeline Now Down to 4 weeks...
Form the Corner. It appears that the longest possible time that anyone could have had to loot these items was 4 weeks.

Which strikes me as just about impossible.

What's more. If Sadam was able to move 350 tons of explosives to some hidden location during thewar, as it now appears clear that he did, and we haven't heard hide nor hair of them since...what would prevent him from movign other stuff in that same time period?

DAVID ASMAN: well a full week before the 101st airborne visited the weapons facility, members of the third infantry division were there. bret bair live from the pept know gon.

BRET BAIER: the key is the time line. let's start with the iaea. they sealed and tagged at least some of the 377 tons of missing explosives at this facility. and now in march 8, 2003, they went back to the site. the iaea says they checked on some of though explosives at the site but did not see all of explosives. they did not check on all of them. they leave and the war starts. and the next date is april 3. that is when the third infantry division arrives at the site. there you see the front gate. this is seven days before dana lewis and the 101st airborne division gets there. they engage iraqi forces who are firing on u.s. troops from inside the facility. the facility is open, they're getting engaged by iraqi forces inside the facility. the third i.d. takes them out and they do a primary search and they are not looking specifically for the iaea marked materials but it's not noted in any of the commander's reports. and then the 101st moves in and they do cursory searches and they move on, and nothing is noted. the next date is may 8, 2003, when the 75th exploytation task force comes in. they search the bunkers and don't find any of the marked material. u.s. commanders point out if you're to believe that all of this was looted between april 11 and may 8, that's 28 days, when convoys are moving up and down the road on those very roads, moving to baghdad, the u.s. troops are pushing forward. it would be tough to get 28 truckloads they say, out of that facility without being engaged by u.s. troops on those roads during that war. because at the time they point out that they were engaging anybody t"


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