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Friday, October 29, 2004

Tom Harkin, King of all tools!

With Fritz "It's the Jews" Hollings retiring, another Democratic Senator must jump in to fill the breach and become the most idiotic Democratic Senator. Senator Tom Harkin has entered his opnening salvo. Here is his op-ed from today.

"Why Bush will restart the draft if re-elected

A major terrorist attack could easily serve as the pretext for setting the draft in motion.

By Sen. Tom Harkin

President George W. Bush may or may not have a secret plan to reinstate the draft. But this is besides the point..."

Is there a more offensive and irresponsible way to start an opinion piece. How about this:

"Tom Harkin's may or may not be delusional due to rampant syphillis. But this is besides the point"


"John Kerry may or may sold influence to the Chinese government, but that is beside the point."

I am almost speechleess and that is just the first line. THis is a sitting Senator mind you. A Senator! He continues:

"The deteriorating facts on the ground in Iraq, plus the Bush doctrine of acting pre-emptively and unilaterally against hostile regimes, will soon leave him no choice. If Bush is re-elected, he will have to restart the draft. "

Well at least he had the dignity to call Iraq a "hostile" regime. But I am curious as to how he will distinguish Bush from Kerry.

Ok, now the lies begin:

"Indeed, Bush has already imposed stage one of a new draft. Many soldiers whose enlistment period is up are not being allowed to leave the service, and those who left the service years ago are being forced to put on the uniform again against their wills. It is clear that we already have a back-door draft. Bush has effectively ended the all-volunteer military. "

Forced against their wills? They are called members of the reserve. They signed up for that.

"And stage two of a reinstated draft would be easy to implement. Draft boards are already in place in every county in the United States, and young men who turn 18 are already required to register with their local draft board. "

That situation has been in place since the draft ended. He is announcing this as if it is news and just discovered it.

And now for the stunning conclusion:

"A major terrorist attack could easily serve as the pretext for flipping the switch and setting this apparatus in motion."

Were were the A & B that lead to this C? Did I miss it?

Ohh here they are:

"What if all-out civil war breaks out in Iraq and we have to increase our troop strength to 200,000 or 300,000 to quell it? What if a newly re-elected Bush decides to act pre-emptively against Iran, Syria or North Korea? "

In the first case, what would Kerry do? Just bolt and run?
And I feel very confident in saying that based on, ahem, past results, case #2 is highly unlikely.

And he says this:

"Today, people are hesitant to join the National Guard or reserves because of skyrocketing odds of being sent into combat or kept away from family and jobs for a year or longer. Morale, enlistments and re-enlistments are falling, at the same time that military manpower needs are rising dramatically. "

By the way, guard rention rates are high,: " Army Guard is meeting its retention goal this year and finding re-enlistments are higher in units that deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan than those that did not. " And the missed goal is more due to logistics than desire.

It gets worse:

"So where would a re-elected Bush get the manpower to pacify Iraq while pursuing the next phases of his doctrine of pre-emptive, unilateral war? There is only one viable option: a reinstated draft.

It is probably too much to expect Bush to acknowledge this before Election Day. "

Umm, did you watch the debates Senator Harkin?

And then his closing shot:

"So Americans, today we have good reasons to fear the return of the draft. Bush might have avoided the draft when he was a young man. But if re-elected, he will not be able to avoid the draft as president. "

Nice. Especially coming from someone who lied about their own service record.

The message for Democrats this week:

Lie. Cheat. Steal. Do anything to win this election. Nothing is out of bounds. Even if you a United States Senator.


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