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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

When in doubt...blame the wife!

"Homestead exemption

A tax break claimed by Daschle on the Washington, D.C., house he and his wife, Linda, own is drawing fire from Thune.

To claim the District of Columbia's homestead exemption worth a few hundred bucks off his property taxes, Daschle signed a document declaring the D.C. house his primary residence.

The Web-based conservative Talon news obtained the document Daschle signed to get that tax break through a Freedom of Information Act request to the District of Columbia.

Talon's report last week cited a state law outlining South Dakota's residency requirements for those seeking elected office. That law applies to state-level candidates but not to federal-level candidates. That was the case when term limits passed in several states about a decade ago. State lawmakers are living under those limits, but federal lawmakers aren't.

In August 2003, Daschle campaign manager Steve Hildebrand said it was Linda Daschle who was claiming the tax break.

'Linda Daschle pays income taxes in Washington, D.C. That makes Linda Daschle eligible to receive this homestead tax on behalf of the Daschles,' Hildebrand told Roll Call.

The newly released documents bearing Tom Daschle's signature belie that explanation. Now, Daschle campaign officials say it is 'the house' that qualifies for the tax break rather than any person.

Thune says Daschle's signature belies 'where his heart and head and priorities are.' That being Washington, D.C., if you ask Thune.

'It's symbolic. It's a window into the soul of his priorities,' Thune said.

For the record, the Daschles own a house in Aberdeen, where Tom Daschle's mother lives"

"A window into the soul of his priorities" is a touch hyperbolic.

What is instructive is that his campaign's first instinct was to blame the wife. Kerry did that too. I just hate that. First it is blatantly untrue. Anyone who has ever been married for more than 10 minutes knows that the fault for just about every mistake in a marriage lies at the feet of the husband. Second, step up man. Be a team!

If you are curious as to why the campaign thought to pin this on Linda in the first place... here is why.

That link also tells you why there have been so many airline buyouts during Daschle's reign in the Senate. The man is flat out trading votes for sex. Anyone who has been married for more than 10 minutes knows that is true as well.


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