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Friday, October 29, 2004

Why do elephants have such good memories?
If this is true:

"Elephants do have remarkable memories. In the wild, elephants appear to remember for years the relationships with dozens, perhaps hundreds of other elephants, some of whom they may see only occasionally. They also have an impressive memory for places to drink and to find food. This information gets passed on from generation to generation."

And this is true:

"With the amount of food elephants eat every day, their teeth wear down at alarming rates, and that's why they grow not two but six sets of chewing teeth (molars) in their lifetimes. "

Then can it also be true that memory is intrinsically related to our teeth?

Here is something else wierd about elephants:

"Elephants are unusual among mammals in that they continue to grow throughout their life, although their rate of growth slows after they reach sexual maturity"


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